The PTSSD is only able to accommodate a maximum of five (5) Sponsorship Requests per monthly meeting.  Requests are scheduled in the order in which they are received by the Secretary of the PTSSD Board. The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 6:00-9:00pm from September-June. There are no meetings held in July or August.

Sponsorship Applications for EVENTS: Guidelines for Submittal

Applications for sponsorship of events should be submitted to the Board at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled date of the event.

However, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their requests 60 days in advance of the event’s scheduled date to allow sufficient time for Board action prior to the event.

Requests for sponsorship funding submitted within 60 days after an event has been held will be accepted. However, such applications must be accompanied by a letter explaining why the submittal was delayed beyond the date of the event.

Applications submitted more than 60 days after an event has occurred will not be accepted for consideration by the Board.

Plan Early!

Please use the form below to apply for a Sponsorship.

Sponsorship Request Form

Sponsorship requests will be voted upon at the meeting in which it is reviewed. If awarded,
your organization can pick up the check at the following month’s meeting.

There is a maximum of $3,500 issued per sponsorship request.

Click below to download the format you prefer.

Sponsorship Application Form (Word)           Sponsorship Application Form (PDF)

Co-Sponsorship Request Form

If you are using a fiscal sponsor, use the form below. Choose the format you prefer.

Co-Sponsorship Request Form (Word)          Co-Sponsorship Request Form (PDF)

Sponsorship Request Forms can be emailed to the Secretary,
Katrina Mansfield at ptssd.secretary@gmail.com
or mailed to:
Penn Treaty SSD
702 N. 3rd Street
PMB 38
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Sponsorship Agreement Form

The Sponsorship Agreement will be provided and signed at the time your organization receives funds. It is available here for your advance review of the terms and conditions.

Sponsorship Agreement Form (PDF)         Co-Sponsored Agreement (PDF)

Sponsorship Final Report Form

Recipients of Sponsorship awards are required to submit a Sponsorship Final Report Form
six months after receipt of the award or after the date of the event.

Sponsorship Final Report Form (Word)     Sponsorship Final Report Form (PDF)