2024 Recipients

2024 GRANTSSt Laurentius School” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>St. Laurentiius School2024 SPONSORSHIPS
Harriett’s BookClub26th District Police / FKA BID
Dreamline CurriculumFire Museum Presents
12 PlusFishtown Neighbors Association
Fishtown Neighbors AssociationNorthern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA)
One Bed At A TimeFriends of Orkney Park
Treehouse BooksThe Halide Project
Fishtown Athletic ClubAzzim Dukes Initiative
Lutheran Settlement HouseJulia Bryck & Gene Farbe
East Kensington Arts & Oddities FestivalSt Laurentius School
St Laurentius SchoolInLiquid
Lutheran Settlement House
Philly Tree People
Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)
Friends of Fishtown Library
La Liga Del Barrio
Kensington Amvets Post 146
Friends of Hackett
Vervet Dance / Philadelphia Dance Project
East Kensington Neighbors Association (EKNA)
Gwendy Smith / Vox Populi
TILT Institute
Holy Name of Jesus Church
Shoot Basketballs Not People

2023 Recipients

Friends of AdaireIndigenous Peoples Day Philadelphia
WHYY Media LabTiger Strikes Asteroid
Fishtown Neighbors AssociationNLNA
Fishtown Athletic ClubAutomat Collective Philadelphia
Stephanie Bursese & Emmanuela Soria RuizThe Halide Project
InLiquidPhiladelphia City Nature Challenge
Rock to the FutureLutheran Settlement House
Almanac Dance Circus TheatreSt Laurentius School
The Head and The HandNorthern Liberties Business Improvement District (NLBID)
The Food TrustInLiquid
Fishtown Co. / FKA BIDArtwell
Book In Homes USADa Vinci Art Alliance
East Kensington Neighbors Association (EKNA) 26th Police District Advisory Council / FKA BID
Applied Mechanics / Headlong Dance Theatre Kensington Amvets Post 146
Icebox Project SpaceFriends of Fishtown Library
2nd Street FestivalHearts For Haley
Photography Without BordersCrease Street Garden
East Kensington Arts & Oddities FestivalNLArts
Art SphereTILT Institute
Kensington Soccer ClubFire Museum Presents
Almanac Dance Circus TheartreFriends of Orkney Park
2nd Street FestivalMascher Space Cooperative
Pig Iron TheatreBatikh Batikh / AUTOMAT Collective
New Kensington CDCPhiladelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
ArtwellClarifiCenter for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)
ClarifiNative American House Alliance
Police Athletic League (PAL) at St. AnnesThe Clay Studio
Holy Name of Jesus Church
Friends of Adaire
Friends of Hackett
Fishtown Neighbors Association
Street Tails Animal Rescue
Palmer Doggie Depot
Second Street Press
Fishtown Co. / FKA BID
Pig Iron Theatre
South Kensington Community Partners (SKCP)

2022 Recipients

Police Athletic League (PAL)Northern Liberties Neighbors Assoc (NLNA)
Painted Bride Art Center Fishtown Kensington Area BID (FKA BID)
Rock to the FutureEast Kensington Neighbors Association (EKNA)
Philadelphia Dance ProjectFishtown Neighbors Association (FNA)
Philadelphia Youth NetworkSt Laurentius School
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the AtonementPhiladelphia Argentine Tango School
Philadelphia Dance Projects Philadelphia City Nature Challenge
Philadelphia Youth NetworkOrkney Park
Friends of Crease Street GardenMother Toy Gallery
2nd Street FestivalPhiladelphia Academies Inc
Almanac Dance Circus Theatre26th Police District Advisory Council / FKA BID
20/20 Photo FestivalKensington Amvets Post 146
Art SphereThe Orkney Park Project
The Orkney Park ProjectLutheran Settlement House
Kensington Soccer ClubNorthern Liberties BID
Partners For Sacred PlacesInLiquid
Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC)Portside Arts Center
WEIRDO FestivalTILT Institute
St Laurentius SchoolRiverwards Scholarship Fund / Temple University
ArtwellFriends of Fishtown Library
First Presbyterian Church in KensingtonMascher Dance Cooperative
Mural Arts PhiladelphiaPartners For Sacred Places
TILT InstituteNLArts
ArtwellPalmer Doggie Depot
Native American House AllianceBodyMeld / Fidget
Mural Arts PhiladelphiaFire Museum Presents / Fractured Atlas
Fishtown PlayschoolLux et Libera / The Halide Project
Northern Liberties Business Improvement District (NLBID)The Clay Studio
NLNAFishtown Co. / FKA BID
Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)
Friends of Hackett
Northern Liberties Business Improvement District (NLBID)
12 Plus
Holy Name of Jesus Church
Friends of Adaire
Friends of Moffet
South Kensington Community Partners (SKCP)
Skype A Scientist
Living Arts Dance Foundation

2021 Recipients

NLArtsPalmer Doggie Depot
Portside Arts CenterSt. Peter the Apostle School
NLNA26th Police District Advisory Council / Fishtown Kensington Area BID
The Halide ProjectFishtown Neighbors Association
20/20 Photo FestivalForbidden Fruit / Fidget Space
InLiquidCenter For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)
Almanac Dance Circus TheatreCeiba
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Kensington Amvets Post 146
By My SideInLiquid
ArtwellSouth Kensington Community Partners (SKCP)
Art SphereNorthern Liberties Business Improvement District (NLBID)
Kensington Soccer ClubNorthern Liberties Neighbors Association
FidgetVervet Dance / Philadelphia Dance Project
Vetri Community PartnershipThe Philadelphia City Nature Challenge
Philadelphia Youth NetworkFriends of Adaire
Fishtown Kensington Area BID (FKA BID)Cub Scouts Pack 500 at St. Anne’s
Photography Without BordersPig Iron Theate
Icebox Project SpaceHoly Name of Jesus Church
Fishtown Athletic ClubPortside Arts Center
Olde Richmond Community Association (ORCA)
2nd Street Festival
St Laurentius School
Fire Museum Presents / Fractured Atlas
Orkney Park Project
Blue Stoop
Fishtown Co. / FKA BID

2020 Recipients

GreensgrowNorthern Liberties Neighbors Association
First Presbyterian Church in KensingtonInLiquid
Kensington Soccer ClubPig Iron Theatre
Friends of Penn Treaty ParkNew Kensington CDC
Philadelphia Horticultural Society Tree Tender ProgramFire Museum Presents / Fractured Atlas
Interfaith PhiladelphiaCeiba
Northern Liberties Neighbors Associaion (NLNA)Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA)
Fishtown Neighbors AssociationPhiladelphia Arab-American Development Corps (PAADC)
12 PlusSt. Anne Church
NLArts26th Police District Advisory Council / ORCA
By My SideSt Laurentius School
Lutheran Settlement HouseSt Anne’s Reunion Committee
Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership/National Nurse-Led Care ConsortiumOlde Richmond Community Association
The Halide ProjectPortside Arts
Girls Rock PhillyLutheran Settlement House
Portside ArtsBy My Side
Liguori AcademyCrease Street Garden
Fishtown Athletic Club20/20 Photo Festival
Police Athletic League (PAL) at St. AnneGreensgrow
Second Street PressNLArts
CatTown RescueStreet Tails Animal Rescue
Northern Liberties Business Improvement District (NLBID)

2019 Recipients

Northern Liberties Business Improvement District Northern Liberties Neighbors Association
First Presbyterian Church in KensingtonSt. Anne Church
Icebox Space Project / Fractured AtlasFire Museum Presents / Fractured Atlas
The Food Trust 26th Police District Advisory Council / ORCA
Almanac Dance Circus Theatre/Painted Bride Art CenterFishtown Neighbors Association
Friends of Penn Treaty ParkHoly Name of Jesus Church
Fishtown Athletic ClubNew Kensington CDC
Rock To The FutureCeiba
Linda Creed Breast Cancer OrganizationCub Scouts Pack 500 at St. Anne’s
The Head and the Hand / Culture Trust of Greater Philadelphia NLArts
12 PlusFriends of Tip Top Playground / NLNA
Art SphereInLiquid
Portside ArtsFriends of Penn Treaty School
Evangelical Lutheran Church Of The AtonementSt Anne’s Reunion Committee
Police Athletic League of PhiladelphiaSt Laurentius School
Philadelphia Compositional Improvisation EnsembleArtwell
Philadelphia Youth NetworkFriends of Adaire
The Green SunKensington Amvets Post 146
The Resource ExchangeThe Halide Project
Girls Rock Philly12 Plus
BeaconFishtown Co / FNA
Fishtown Neighbors AssociationLutheran Settlement House
Palmer CemeteryPortside Arts
Vetri Foundation for ChildrenSt. Peter the Apostle School
Orianna Hill ParkOrkney Park
Norris Square Community Alliance
Friends of Hackett
Philly Tree People
Friends of Palmer Park / NKCDC
Philadelphia Argentine Tango School / Fractured Atlas

2018 Recipients

Vetri Foundation For ChildrenNorthern Liberties Neighbors Association
Friends of Penn Treaty ParkLutheran Settlement House
Newman Senior HousingCeiba
Philadelphia Arab-American Development CorpsHoly Name of Jesus Church
Rock To The FutureNLArts
Pig Iron TheatreArtwell
Crease Street GardenNew Kensington CDC
Northern Liberties Neighbors AssociationFriends of Adaire
Police Athletic League (PAL)Amvets Post #146
Arts SphereFire Museum Presents (Fractured Atlas)
Girls Rock PhillySpooky Garden (NLNA)
La Salle AcademySt. Laurentius School
Palmer CemeteryPortside Arts
Penn HomeThe Halide Project
Second State Press954 Dance Collective Movement
Kensington Soccer ClubGreensgrow
Friends of the Fishtown LibraryInLiquid
Philadelphia Horticultural Society – Tree TendersFishtown Neighbors Assoc. (FNA)
Philadelphia Photo Arts CenterOlde Richmond Civic Assoc. (ORCA)
Philadelphia Mural Arts AdvocatesBeacon
Holy Name of Jesus ChurchOpen Kitchen Sculpture Garden / Norris Square Neighborhood Project
Orkney Park
The Food Trust
We Care Soccer / Fishtown Athletic Club
Towey Recreation Center/Philadelphia Parks Alliance
Education Plus Health
St. Anne Reunion Committee
St. Anne Church
Friends of Hackett
St. Peters School

2017 Recipients

Sister Cities GirlChoir Friends of Adaire
Friends of Penn Treaty ParkCEIBA
Gardenhub (NLNA)Ibrahim Youth Scholars
FABA / NKCDCSt. Peter the Apostle School
Kensington Soccer ClubThe Halide Project
The Lyra SocietyNLArts
Philadelphia Photo Arts CenterKensington Amvets Post 146
Rock to the FutureNLNA
Portside Arts Center ArtWell
Art SphereFire Museum Presents (Fractured Atlas)
12 PlusFriends of Cione Park
Joe Hand Boxing Gym & Computer LabPortside Arts Center
We Care Soccer (Palmer Doggie Depot)InLiquid Art & Design
2nd Street FestivalSt. Laurentius School
St. Anne's ChurchCharles Glen Viet Nam Veterans Memorial (Palmer Cemetery)
The Pink Elephant MovementFishtown Neighbors Association
Kensington Community Food Co-op (KCFC) / Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance Greensgrow
Saved MeFriends of Hackett School
A Change of Harp / Analog Arts Ulises Books (Vox Populi)
Fishtown Athletic ClubSt. Anne's Reunion Committee
Mascher Space Cooperative
Cione Strikers Soccer Club (Joey Casey Foundation)
Pig Iron Theatre
St. Peter the Apostle School
St. Anne's Operation Santa Claus Committee
Olde Richmond Civic Association
26th Police District Advisory Council / ORCA

2016 Recipients

2016 Grants2016 Sponsorships
ArtWellSt. Peter the Apostle School
Portside Arts CenterCEIBA
Kensington Soccer ClubNorthern Liberties Neighbors Association
St. Laurentius of Holy Name Parish CYO Fire Museum Presents / Fractured Atlas
Fishtown Area Business Association (FABA) / New Kensington CDCSister Cities GirlChior
Lutheran Settlement House Friends of Adaire
Northern Liberties Neighbors AssociationChildrens Crisis Treatment Center
Rock to the FutureLutheran Settlement House
Philadelphia READSPig Iron Theater
Philadelphia Photo Arts CenterShissler Rec Center
The Resource ExchangeSt. Laurentius School
We Care SoccerNLArts
Friends of the Doughboy / Kensington AmVets Post146Spooky Gardens / Neighborhood Gardens Trust
Friends of Fishtown at Palmer Park / NKCDCSt. Anne’s Reunion Committee
Friends of Penn Treaty ParkInLiquid
Palmer CemeteryEast Kensington Neighbors Association
Creative Kids ClubFishtown Neighbors Association
Palmer Doggie DepotThe Halide Project
LaSalle AcademyPortside Arts Center
Clean Air CouncilKensington Amvets Post 146
Evangelical Lutheran Church Of The AtonementFriends of Orianna Hill Park
Fishtown Athletic ClubSt. Anne's Church
Norris Square Community AllianceSt. Michael's Orthodox Church
South Kensington Community PartnersBeacon
St. Laurentius SchoolNational Nurse-Led Care Consortium
Olde Richmond Civic Association
Mural Arts Philadelphia

2015 Recipients

2015 Grants2015 Sponsorships
Rock to the FutureGirl Scouts Troop 9958 & 9980
Joe Hand Boxing GymNLArts
St. Anne's Senior Community CenterSt. Anne’s Cub Scout Pack 500
The Lyra SocietyNLNA
LaSalle AcademyCEIBA
NKCDCKensington Memorial Amvets Post 146
FINANTALutheran Settlment House
St. Anne's ChurchPortside Arts Center
Friends of Cione Playground By My Side
AwesomeFestShissler Rec. Advisory Council
Palmer Cemetery954 Dance Movement Collective
H&S Learning Center St. Peter's School
BeaconCione Strikers Soccer Club
Kensington Memorial Amvets Post 146EKNA
BambooWifiAncient Order of Hibernians Div 51
Pig Iron TheaterSt Anne’s Reunion Committee
First Presbyterian Church of KensingtonChildrens Crisis Treatment Center
We Care Soccer
Fishtown Neighbors Association
The Halide Project
Veterans MultiService Center – Womens Veterans Center
Arab-American Development Corp

2014 Sponsorships

954 Dance Collective
AOH Div 51 / We Care Soccer
Children’s Crisis Treatment Center
Fire Museum Presents
Fishtown Neighbors Association
Kensington Memorial AmVets Post 146
National Nursing Centers Consortium

St. Anne’s Convent
St. Laurentius School
St Micheal’s Church
St. Peter the Apostle School
Shissler Rec Advisory Council
Spooky Gardens

2013 Grants

2013 Sponsorships

B Someday Productions
East Kensington Neighbors Association
Fishtown Action (FACT)
Lacey Gallagher Golf
Northern Liberties Neighbors Association
Palmer Cemetery
Spooky Gardens
St Anne’s Bingo Committee
St Laurentius Parish
St Peter the Apostle School
World Dance Day


2012 Sponsorships

Fishtown Action
St. Laurentius School
St. Peter the Apostle School
We Care Soccer Camp