Penn Treaty SSD Announces Grants And Sponsorships
Over $49,500 To Be Awarded At March 18, 2020 Meeting

         PHILADELPHIA – FEBRUARY 2020 – Penn Treaty Special Services District is proud to announce the following Grants and Sponsorships approved at the February meeting:

  1. Art Sphere – $30,950 – towardsafter school arts programming at partner schools and rec centers.

  2. The Head & The Hand / CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia – $3,500 – towards a free spring writers and reading workshop series.

  3. Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA) – $3,500 – towardstheMarch Madness competition on March 17.

  4. Friends of Adaire – $3,500 – in support of their 2020 SilentAuction Fundraiser party on March 28.

  5. BodyMeld / The Fidget Space $3,075 – for dance workshops at Fidget Space on April 3rd, 4th and 5th.

  6. The Clay Studio – $2,500– to support their 2020 Mud Ball Annual Fundraiser on April 17.

  7. NLArts – $2,500 –towards their2020Celebration of African-American Culture at the RUBA Club on March 7.

About Penn Treaty Special Services District
The Penn Treaty SSD, incorporated in 2009, is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization that works to enhance the quality of life for residents of the immediate neighborhoods surrounding River’s Casino—including Fishtown, South Kensington, Old Richmond and Northern Liberties. Funding is provided by River’s Casino through an annual donation. Allocation of funds is determined exclusively by the Penn Treaty SSD Board through a grant request form and a review process.  For more information on the Penn Treaty Special Services District, or to apply for a grant, visit  Contact: Katrina Mansfield, Secretary (215-574-9274) or 


About Art Sphere
Art Sphere is a non-profit organization that targets underserved populations in an effort to engage the creativity in communities, empower neighborhoods, explore the positives in peoples’ lives, and heal the mind, body, and spirit through art. ASI was founded in 1998 as a response to declining inner-city Philadelphia neighborhoods and schools. The goal was to bring the best practices of teaching art and art curriculum that are found in elite settings into Philadelphia’s inner-city and disadvantaged neighborhoods. Contact: Kristin Groenveld at


About The Head & The Hand
The Head & The Hand is a nonprofit, independent craft publishing company and writers’ workshop based in Philadelphia. We call it “craft” because we consider writers to be artisans, much like a carpenter or a farmer. And just as a farmer is connected to the crop from the seed to the harvest, we think that a writer should be connected to the process of crafting a book, from manuscript submission to the shelf. With business practices influenced by the work ethic of artisans, we strive to work with authors, both aspiring and established, whose work is not confined to a specific style or mindset. Our main goal is to produce writing that shows a connection from the head to the hand by publishing stories that have the power to change and entertain. And with our Writers’ Workshop, we are also doing everything we can to help maintain the long legacy of book publishing in Philadelphia, while also making our own unique contribution to the city’s burgeoning literary community. Contact: Linda Gallant at


About Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA)
Fishtown is a vibrant Philadelphia community with a rich history, a culture all its own, and plenty of creativity. The Fishtown Neighbors Association is proud to welcome you. We’re a nonprofit, volunteer-run civic association dedicated to making Fishtown the best neighborhood it can be. Contact: Joseph Kain at


About Friends of Adaire
Parents, educators, and community members whose mission is to enrich the education of Alexander Adaire’s K–8 school students by providing additional resources and support. Contact: Kate Hughes at


About BodyMeld
BodyMeld‘s mission is to support performance and visual art as well as create programs that further conversation and collaboration in the local and global dance performance field. We care about a sustainable dance community and strive to connect with and serve other independent dance/performance makers locally and internationally. We value the exchange of ideas and sharing of methodologies. We care about rigorous research and experimentation in the field of dance both in performance and organizationally. We strive to create a community curious and excited about blending of genres in performance, experimentalism and, surviving and thriving in hard political climates. We hope that through mutual effort we can elevate each other and further the research and expressions of dance. Though our programs we work to popularize new dance by making it more accessible and understandable to audiences. Contact: Zornitsa Stoyanova at


About The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay, drawing together students, artists, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. Every day, in our classrooms, studios, galleries, and neighborhoods, we deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest quality programs and exhibitions. Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio continues in the belief that shared creativity, so fundamental to humanity, is a critical force for good.Contact: Tracy Segal at


About NLArts
Through art education, NLArts inspires children to be creative thinkers and to value community. NLArts values children and families. We believe families should have an option for their kids to engage in educational programming during and outside of school time that is consistent with cultural trends and best practices. We have a long-standing commitment to teaching artists and support them in their quest to develop an appreciation for the arts and community in diverse audiences. NLArts values community and the power of a neighborhood arts organization to bring people together for collaborative learning experiences and civic engagement.NLArts believes that quality arts programming can be made available to all families at affordable prices. NLArts values creativity and expression as critical life skills. Contact Jessica Eldredge at

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